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Do you want to make your dream of having a nice car and house come true? You can achieve this by investing 70 Rupees only. You find a lot of websites with plenty of earning options. But this one beats them all since it is one of the lowest possible investment programs ever designed. Unbelievable returns for such a small investment. It is so small a investment that you need not even wait for a moment longer to participate in this program. Take action right away and you will see that it will be the best decision you will have made.

We will also provide you with a website which will become a complete money making machine for you. The sky is the limit for your earning potentials. The benefits are simply breathtaking.

It is normal for everyone to contemplate twice before investing their hard earned money in any programs. We understand that nobody would be willing to part with their money if they are unsure of what they are spending it on. However, this small little investment will earn you millions in 60 days. Do you find it hard to believe? I too would've been skeptical if I were you. That is the beauty of this program. It is very simple and very effective.

Give me just 10 minutes of your precious time and I will show you how to make it possible for a very small investment of 70 Rupees to earn millions of Rupees in few days or months. Read further if you are interested.

You will see the results within 10 Days. You will be investing only 70 Rupees and I guarantee you that you will not have to spend a paisa after that.

Wouldn't you want to be a millionaire by investing an insignificant amount of 70Rupees? This program is designed strictly for Indians.

I spend 70 Rupees on cigarettes in 2 days. So this program is easily worth the risk. In fact, I don't even consider this as a risk at all.

Please read the below mentioned content slowly and thoroughly and try to understand this beautiful program which will make you a millionaire in few days or few months. You don't have to think twice about buying anything else you desire after you execute our plan because you will be loaded with lots of cash. You can purchase whatever your heart desires. This will help you quite significantly to realize your dreams of becoming a millionaire.

Now we move to the actual plan of the century.

First and foremost I would like to remind you that this is not a scam and the system has been tested and has been successful. Millionaires have been made with this program in a lot of countries. This is guaranteed to succeed in India as well.



Let me explain this in few simple steps:


1) First you will need to send 10 Rupees to the members in the main database address ( Admin 1 and Admin 2 )mentioned below. Then you need to send 10 Rupees to each of the other 5 sub addresses stated in this website.


2) Once you send in the money to all the addresses and send us an e-mail, we shall set up a website for you. In this website your name and address will be in the #5 position. We delete the name and address in the #1 and move the other four Addresses up. That is #5 becomes #4, #4 becomes #3, #3 becomes #2 and #2 becomes #1.


3) Now #5 will be blank. We place your name and address in the bottom of the list at #5. So you are in the #5 position now.


4) Now your job is to post this website in at least 200 newsgroups or free classifieds. We shall give you the top newsgroups list and guide you how to post on them. You will not have to pay anything to post your website link in these free classifieds. You can also find millions of them on any search engine (Google, yahoo, msn). That is about all you need to do. Your work is over.

I considered this program in my mind and did my move. After all just 70 Rupees is no big deal. I spend more on a lot of unwanted things everyday. I thought that all I could lose is just 7 stamps and 70 rupees. Therefore, I invested the measly 70 Rupees. Then I finished posting my website Ads in 200 plus free Indian classifieds. I found a lot of free classifieds on Google and Yahoo search. I religiously posted my classifieds in more than 200 free classifieds since I knew that the more I posted the more money I could earn. I kept my spirits high and was very enthusiastic with my work. My mind was focused and I was very positive with my thinking.

Now can you guess what happened after that? Well, let me tell you what happened. I still find it hard to believe.


Within just 7 days of my getting the work done, I started getting money in the mail! I was very surprised. In fact, I would say that I was rather shocked!

I figured that this thing won't last and I was happy that the money I spent had not gone for a waste. I was very wrong and I was happily mistaken. The money just kept coming in.

Within my very first week, I made 410 Rupees, which is more than 6 times the money I invested. By the end of second week I had made a total over 2870 rupees in the third week I had over 26,110 Rupees and the money still keeps coming. This is now my fourth week and I have made a total of just over 2, 72,550 Rupees and the money still coming in rapidly. My hard work paid off. I am extremely overjoyed.

Well, this investment of just 70 Rupees was the best investment choice I had ever made. I could not have made it working in any company in such a short period.

Remember, the results will vary, depends on the effort you put sincerely. The more efforts you put on this program the more money you can make. I even added my site link to my e-mails and I also posted my site in some forums. The response was overwhelming. I did not spend a rupee on advertisement.


NOTE: It has come to our notice that sending currency on postal mails is not legal in our country. Therefore , we had a brainstorming session within our company and have come up with a solution to run our program legally.

The answer is very simple. We can send the money to the people with the Postal Money Order (MO) system. We value our members safety and peace of mind and we have no intention of letting them face any legal issues. Hence we have introduced Postal Money Order System with our program.

Our program is not a money chain program. For this 70 rupees investment, you will get few e-books to guide you to understand online businesses and product promotions. We have the master resell rights for these e-books. You will get proper customer support on Yahoo chat to guide you with your online promotions and also you will get newsletters from us to update you with good online and offline earning opportunities.


Step by step instructions to execute the plan: Please read carefully


Step 1: Please go to your nearest post office and make 7 money orders of 10 rupees each to all the 7 members mentioned below. That is 10 rupees each to the 2 Admins and 10 rupees each to all the 5 members mentioned under the sub-addresses list. That will be total of just 70 Rupees.

Note: Please don't forget to write down the 7 below mentioned names and addresses before you go to the post office. You will need to refer to this sheet of paper to fill out the simple 7 forms in the post office. Also mention the name of the website where you saw this program on the sheet for your reference. For example: www.*********.ebiz4ever.com.


The good news is that the cost of the money order will be much cheaper than the postage stamp price needed to send an envelope. The Money order fees to send 10 rupees to anyone in India is just 1 Rupee. It is 4 times cheaper than sending posts and 25 times cheaper than sending couriers.

The visit to the post office is just going to be a one time visit. You will never have to visit the post office again for this program.


There will be a section in the Money Order (MO) form called "Space for Communication". In this space Please write down the following

  • Write your Name.

  • Write the website name you are currently viewing. It is the website name where you saw this program. For example: www.*********.ebiz4ever.com.

  • Your e-mail address and your Telephone number.

The best part about running this program with Money Order system is that no one can steal your money, It is cheaper than postage stamps and envelops costs and it is legal to send money this way.

Imagine the kind of revenue we generate to the postal department. It will be a wonderful step on our side to give something back to our country. Now isn't that something to be proud of?


Main database addresses:


Admin 1: Mohammed Abdul Nadeem, #84/96 Ground Floor, 3rd cross, ChikkaLakshmaiah layout, DRC Post, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560029. admin@ebiz4ever.com


Admin 2: K.A.Rahim, 354-A, M.G.Colony. Bangalore - 560023.  admin@ebiz4ever.com


Sub addresses:



#1) Shankar, 22 - A, Baskara plaza, Murugan Koil Street, Fairlands, Salem - 636016.

#2) R.Ravi, House # 29/17, Velappan Nagar, Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641 004, Tamil Nadu.

#3) Akhilesh Saraf, House # 6-1-103/49, Abhinav Nagar Colony, Padma Rao Nagar, Secunderabad - 500 025. Andhra Pradesh. India.

#4) Enna Maria, House # 4-35-322/1A, Opposite IPC Zion Church, VenkateshwarNagar, Jagathgirigutta, Balanagar Post Office, Pincode - 500037, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

#5) Digvijay Nath Verma, s/o Yugul Kishor Verma, Onkar Vatika Colony, Padrauna, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh – 274304.



Step 2: Send an e-mail to: admin@ebiz4ever.com with the subject line, "please add me in your main database". In the description of the e-mail, please mention :


  •  "I have sent to you and to the other 5 up-line members a sum of rupees ten each by money order"


  • Your  Residential address , Mobile number and  the name of the original website where you saw this program. For example: www.*********.ebiz4ever.com.


Note: Please mention your complete Residential Address in the email only in Smaller case letters only. Let the first letter of the words be in the upper case (Capital).

For example, check below:

Michael Jackson, House # 6/B1, 3rd Cross, Online Growth Street, Blog Post, Earning  City, Bangalore - 560067, Karnataka.


Send this e-mail only after you have sent Money Order to both the Admins of the main database and to the other 5 up-line Members in the sub address list.  We will terminate your membership if we find anyone cheating the honest members and we get complaint e-mails for post received confirmation from the members.


Step 3: You will receive a message from us stating that, "you have been added to our temporary database", only after receiving your Money Order of 10 Rupees each. Remember, we shall make a website only after receiving the money (2 Admins and the sub-addresses), with your name and address in the position #5.


Step 4: After receiving your website, you will need to advertise it in at least 200 free classifieds. This process is very simple and you will do it for FREE!!!. There are nearly 25,000 newsgroups and we will provide you a high-traffic list of 200 Newsgroups. All you will need is 200. However, you can do submit more posts if you so decide. Just remember that, the more you post, the faster will be your success.


Remember: We shall also add the programs that you are promoting like the paid to read programs, Autosurfs, MLMs, Google Adsense, If you haven't joined any of these, we shall provide you the list of the highly paying and honest programs that we have been working with. So, you will have lot of earning options in one website. It will be easy for you to promote one website. i.e. virtual money making machine than number of sites and links individually.


What we do on our end:


I) include you in our main database,

II) Send you a list of newsgroups where you can post the message,

III) Send you instruction on how to post the message,

IV) We will send you details of online money making and online jobs. These will include data entry, transcription, On-line clerical jobs, free subscription earning programs and many other online and offline earning opportunities.

V) We will send u Special e-books to guide you in making millions from the internet. All of them will be worth its weight in gold.

We will make your payment confirmations with the 5 members you have sent the money to.

Although very unlikely, if you do not get any reply from us even after 12 days from the date of sending Money Order, send an e-mail to admin@ebiz4ever.com with the topic on the subject line that "no reply from your side". We will take necessary actions immediately. That is a promise.


We value your opinions. Please feel free to register to our online discussion forum for FREE and voice out your opinions. Please click on the below button to visit our discussion forum.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


1) why should I post my site ads in 200 newsgroups? It is compulsory?

Out of 200 postings, say you receive only 5% response that is 10 replies (This is the example for the lowest possible response you can get, I got 30% response the first time i posted my ads.). Then you make 100 Rupees with your name at #5 on the Letter. That is not all.

Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you 10 Rupees each makes the Minimum 200 postings. Remember that your name is at #4 and again if only 10 persons Respond to each of the original 10, that is another 1,000 Rupees for you. Now those 10 each make 200 minimum posts with your name at #3 and only 10 get replies each, it will bring in an additional Rs.10000! Now, those 10 persons turn around and post the minimum 200 with your name at #2 and only receive 5% replies each, you will make an over whelming 1,00,000 Rupees!

Now we take you to the best part of our program. If each of those 10 persons post a minimum 200 letters with your name at #1 and they only receive 5% replies, that Is 10 replies each, that just made you 10,00,000 Rupees!!! Woo you are a millionaire!! And all this happens with only 5% response. Can you imagine your earnings if you post your free ads in more than 200 newsgroups?


2) Is it difficult to make money with this program?

It is not difficult to become a millionaire with this program. The fact is millions of people are joining the internet daily and reading the website everyday, just like you are doing now!! Reports have confirmed that nearly 50,000 Indians join the internet every day. Out of that nearly more than 60% of People are joining in internet only in search of earning opportunities. So you have a very good background to work on, that too with such a small investment. We have a lot of Potential to earn. The more the merrier for our program. Another report says that internet users are Increasing 5 times more every year.

We have studied all the reports and Surveys and all of them point to the success of our program. Lots of people are willing to spend 70 Rupees to make big income rather than on the programs which ask for big investments.

I would like to mention that, I have made 12, 38,750 Rupees within 2 months of joining. (This is the total amount earned from Postal Money Program + PTRs + Surveys + Google Adsense + Resale Software) Please don't hesitate any longer. Just get started with our program and be well on your way of becoming a millionaire.


3) Will this program get interrupted and stop?

It is not possible in India because everyone is trying to earn extra cash and opportunities. A big percentage of housewives, retired people and students are looking for extra cash and this human urge will never stop. This small little investment plan makes it possible for everyone to join. We can make big money working in a community and not as individuals.

Now let's list all the benefits of joining this wealth exploding program.

The first undeniable fact is you will make money and believe me a lot of money

Your email address, your name and address will be included in the main database maintained by us and we'll send you lots of information on online and offline earning opportunities.

Some companies charge you for this service. We will do it for FREE!!! You will get latest information on jobs and business opportunities on both online and offline categories.

This will include new business opportunities in data entry, typing jobs, data transcription, data warehousing, email Processing, programming, referral programs, money making opportunities, Work from home projects and so on.

We are confident of showing new opportunities to people from every walk of life


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