Have fun, and welcome!

In Club Cat you walk around and meet new friends. You can buy and place things on your cat and your Kitty Room.Walk around and play games to get money.Even make a hundred friends.

Hope you have a fun time in Club Cat. You can dance at the Kitty Club and at the beach you can relax in the sun. Wait until Captain Calico comes on his ship and he'll give you new exclusive items and don't forget a cat's favorite pet a Catcat!

This website was made by Sara,Nadia and friends daughters of presidents of their fathers' company Barry Group International.

Go to the Meow Shop and buy new clothes, or items for your Kitty House. Find yourself at Manch la Meow the finest restaurant in Club Cat.

Also go to the Catcat Shop and get the finest catcats. atcats are little miniature kitties for your cat to have. You can feed,dress,and bth them. Also take them on walks and play with them.


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