Hi mum, here are some holiday snaps

Snorkelling. That damn woman took a rotten photo so it's all we have.

Just a typical relaxing on the beach picture. Sun, sand, banana shake, a good book (I think it was Jaws) and of course a palm tree.

Listening to an album of Rod Stewart songs sung by an Asian Rod Stewart impersonator.

We got cats!! It was a mother and 4 or 5 kittens and they would come and visit us and try to eat my shoes! I'm not kidding, I don't know why, but they hated those shoes.

This one got inside, but he couldn't find his way under the mosquito net. Har har, couldn't escape Michael's camera flash either!

Finished with Thailand so we jet off to Shanghai (and get upgraded to business class which was brilliant -- there was no first class cause Chinese are communists and it was a Chinese airline).
This is the view from our hotel.

Here we are in Shanghai freezing our nuts off! Could have stayed at home for this. It was below zero but still warmer than Berlin cause it wasn't like 900kph winds like it is here


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